1. future-shock-empirical:

    Gotten to that time when the Future Shock #3 copies are starting to run Low.  First released at the 2012 BCGF, this book went thru two covers and a reprint run, and this week we’re going to do a daily send off to this Astro Plus Press Publication!

    Monday’s send off is from Vincent Giard(aencre)’s Balancing on a Wire Stretched Between Two Bees pg 25

    (via hyper-graf)

  2. eugenierompre:

    Lancement du troisième numéro de la logique du calendrier, avec les gens de L’atelier Frontenac et Colosse. C’est ce soir, dès 18 h à la Quincaillerie.

    Tous les détails sont ici. Merci à vincent giard pour la magnifique affiche qu’il a concoctée pour l’occasion.

  7. Tonstartssbandht by Vincent Giard

  8. Cousins of Reggae by Vincent Giard

  10. vincent giard • aencre

  11. vincent giard • aencre

  12. vincent giard • aencre

  13. vincent giard - brousse

  14. On the corner of Younge / Bloor, right next to the Reference Library.

    vincent giard - aencre

  15. I’m off to TCAF. I like TCAF.

    I’m not tabling, which is a nice change. Not that tabling and meeting readers isn’t great, but it’s nice to get the time to be the reader once in a while.

    I like being a reader.